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6. Which of the following ASMART lines are you Interested in and what is the expected Q'ty per month?
AS-FX5600-128DT8XV Pcs
AS-FX5200-128DT8X Pcs
AS-FX5200-64DT8X Pcs
AS-TI4200-128DT8XV Pcs
AS-TI4200-128DT8X Pcs
AS-TI4200-64DT8X Pcs
AS-TI4200-128DTV Pcs
AS-TI4200-128DT Pcs
AS-TI4200-64D Pcs
AS-MX440-64DT8XV Pcs
AS-MX440-64DT8X Pcs
  AS-MX440-128DT8 Pcs
  AS-MX440-128DT Pcs
  AS-MX440-64DT Pcs
  AS-MX440-128ST8 Pcs
  AS-MX440-64ST8 Pcs
  AS-MX440-128ST Pcs
  AS-MX400-64ST Pcs
  AS-MX400-64D Pcs
  AS-MX-400-64S Pcs
  AS-MX400 Pcs
  AS-MX-400-64PCI Pcs
Other: , Pcs

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