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Asmart Technology Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers for Graphic Cards, and Multi-Media add-on cards in Taiwan that supplies its products worldwide. We strive to provide the superior products quality at the most competitive price and prompt deliver to all our customers.

Asmart Technology Corp. was established in March 1989 and engaged in long-term research, development, manufacturing and distribution. We focus on innovative design with high-end IC chips for produce high performance graphic cards and high efficient video solutions. We also introduce the concept of international manufacturing agent to our customer in order to help our customers and ourselves become more compete in the market.

Asmart devotes itself to best quality and has implemented a total quality program. Our R&D department goes through an intense design review and testing process and all Asmart products go through very severe tests in our production line. We have in placed quality programs as "Incoming Quality Control", "In Process Quality Control", "Reliability Testing" and "Environment Testing" to ensure the best qualities in our products. In addition, all of our products were certified by the fulfillment of ISO 9001/ ISO 9002 and CE / FCC standards. We understand and strongly believed that the only way to gain the trust of our customers is to offer the superior quality products with very best price.

Talent team
Consistent production levels.
Faster design cycles to meet the market update.
Quickly match advance technologies for market

Quality & Reliability
Execution of reliability testing.
Data and Root analysis.
Quality engineering methodologies.
Equipped with state-of-the-art failure analysis tools.
Years of manufacturing experience.

Time to market
3 process days for finishing products from raw
Fastest hardware development.
Different version for different market.
Marketing information sharing. Services
Genuine Concern for customer's needs.
Superior technical & logistical support.
Friendliness & Comfort.
Effective & Efficient.

Genuine Concern for customer¡¦s needs
Superior technical & logistical support.
Friendliness & Comfort.
Effective & Efficient.